Tuesday Evening Ladies League at Highwood Golf
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LOE Fees & Options

Online Payment & Registration 

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LOE welcomes all women golfers who find enjoyment in the game of golf regardless of their level of play; from those who are just learning and would like to meet other women golfers to those who have been playing on a regular basis and found consistency in their game. LOE will strive to help all women improve their game by having fun, meeting new friends, and attaining an understanding of golf etiquette and rules.
·   LOE is a social and non-competitive league!
·   LOE has weekly games that are geared to all levels of play.

LOE is open to both non-members and members of Highwood Golf. Golf is a game for life and the NEW Highwood is a great place to enjoy it!
Registration will be available online to Returning 2017 Members on March 5th, 2018. An email to all 2017 LOE Ladies will go out
announcing the online registration.
A $75.00($71.43+gst) league membership fee is payable online, or by cheque, or cash, please make your cheque payable to High- wood Golf & Country Club.  Your cheque/cash payment is can be dropped off in a sealed envelope at the HGCC Pro Shop prior to May 8th.

2018 Non- Member – Weekly Green Fees are $27.50 + gst
New Options for 2018 – Two “All inclusive” LOE Membership Packages
Merlot Package—$775.00+gst ($1700 Regular Rates)
·            Tuesday Play after 5:00 PM before and after LOE League dates.
·            19 LOE Tuesday Nights.
·            Season-long after 12:00 PM Spitzee 6 membership.
·            Pre-paid half cart for all designated LOE League nights.
·            Two 18 Hole Rounds of golf for play on our 18-hole course.
·            Your $75 Registration to LOE.
·             Driving Range Punch Card (10 Large Buckets).
Chardonnay Package—$500.00+gst ($999 Regular Rates)
·            Tuesday Play after 5:00 PM before and after LOE League dates.
·            19 LOE Tuesday Nights.
·            Two 18 Hole Rounds of golf for play on our 18-hole course.
·            Your $75 Registration to LOE.
·            Driving Range Punch Card (10 Large Buckets).
LOE Membership Packages do not include guest green fees or dinner packages for June 26th or September 11th.
Packages expire at seasons end and are non-transferable.
Pricing includes week to week prizes in the form of Pro Shop credit which expires on October 31st, 2018
May 8
Season Opener – come out for a special evening of activities to entertain our 2018 members. Don’t forget to pick up your registration gift!
May 15
First Game of the Season – Stroke Play
May 22
No Flag Night - the rules are simple – are there aren’t any flagsticks on the greens – you will have to guess where the hole is!
May 29 Stroke Play
June 05
Play Your Cards Right! – Each person is given a playing card (spade/club/diamond/heart) at the beginning of the game. A playing card is attached to each flagstick. The player whose card matches the one on the flagstick at each hole is the only one to record their score on the team scorecard.
June 12
Stroke Play
June 19
Limited Clubs - You can only use 3 clubs + putter for the entire round. The club choices are the selected by each player.
June 26
BRING A FRIEND TOURNAMENT – Invite your spouse or friend for a fun evening of golf. This year’s format is Pinehurst. Please note that this event carries an additional cost for the post-tournament banquet and Deadline for online registration is Wednesday, June 20th.
July 03
Stroke Play-Red & White Canada Day Dress Up
July 10
Lagging – Scoring is only based on fairway to green - closest to the hole scores 3 points, second closest to the hole scores 2 points, third closest to the hole scores 1 point, and the ball farthest from the hole scores 0 points
July 17
Team Relay Speed Golf Groups will compete in a timed group scramble event on one par 3 during the round. The two fastest groups on each nine of the course will ad- vance to the finale where both teams will play speed golf simultaneously in order to crown our speed golf champions...Tip running shoes will help!
July 24
Trouble - is a point scoring game in which the goal is to collect the least number of
"trouble points" possible during a round. Points are assigned as follows: Whiffed ball - 4 Out of bounds – 1 Water hazard – 1 Bunker – 1
Three-putt – 1 Four-putt – 3 Hitting from one bunker to another – 2
July 31
Stroke Play
August 07
Pink Ball - Each player plays her own ball rotating a pink ball. Only the pink ball
score is totaled. The Teams that returns with their pink ball have their names put in the drawn for the evening’s prizes.
August 14
Stroke Play
August 21
Roll the Dice – At the beginning of the game each player is assigned a number be-
tween 1 and 4.  At the end of each hole - shake the dice. If you shake a 1 – you use person number one’s score, if you shake a 2 you use person number two’s score. Shake a 5 and you use the lowest score, shake a 6 and you use the highest score.
August 28
Stroke Play
September 04
Odd-Even - Two partner game. Decide at the start of play whose score will count for
the even holes, and who for the odd holes.
September 11
WIND-UP TOURNAMENT BANQUET –theme this year is “Glow Ball”. Please note
that this event carries an additional cost for the post-tournament banquet and Dead- line for online registration is Wednesday, September 5th.
2018 SEASON MEET & GREET Tuesday, May 15,2018 at 7:00 PM
Come out and register for the 2018 LOE League (if you haven’t al- ready done so) and pick up your special League Gift.
·             Enjoy a private free wine tasting with our friend Sean Vickers from Vintage West Wines.
·             Register for LOE group golf clinics.
·           The Professional staff at Highwood Golf has arranged a preview of this season’s hottest items including a Glove It & Skechers Golf “Fashion                          Show”.
·           Exclusive LOE Golf Shop sale.
·           Fabulous Door Prize Giveaways.
For further information or to have all your questions answered please contact us accordingly.
Greig Burnie PGA Executive Professional/GM greig@highwoodgolf.com
403-652-3644 ext. 224

Cameron Gall PGA Head Golf Professional cameron@highwoodgolf.com
403-652-3644 ext. 230

Trigg Slonski PGA Assistant Golf Professional trigg@highwoodgolf.com
403-652-3644 ext. 231