Our Mission

...is to provide all golfers a golf course that is conditioned and maintained at the highest possible standards, enabling the golfer to have a unique and gratifying experience, while assuring a strong and responsible commitment to environmental stewardship.

Our Goal

...is to continually improve the conditioning, aesthetics, and playability of our golf course until it becomes recognized as one of the leading facilities in the area. As well as to improve our compliance towards environmental stewardship and work place health and safety. 

Also as a management team we hope to use our Highwood Turfcare Blog (see link below) as a form of communication to our members as to hopefully answer some of the questions that you may have and to hopefully explain our cultural practices this year. 
Looking forward to an exciting 2015 golf season. 

Highwood Golf & Country Club – A Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary

In 2002 the Highwood Golf & Country Club achieved designation as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary as administered by the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary for Golf Courses. 
The Highwood Golf & Country Club became the 5th golf course in Alberta at the time to achieve status as a certified Audubon cooperative sanctuary, since then there are now 18 certified golf courses in Alberta and 91 overall in Canada. 
This program, administered by Audubon International, is designed to help landowners and managers preserve and enhance the environmental quality of their property.   The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses provides an advisory service to help existing golf courses develop effective conservation and wildlife enhancement programs. For full certification to be achieved, members must first become certified in 6 different categories.
Through the combined efforts of many of the staff, the Highwood has become certified in all 6 of the categories:

1.      Environmental Planning
2.      Wildlife and Habitat Management 
3.      Water Conservation 
4.      Water Quality Management 
5.      Chemical Use Reduction and Safety 
6.      Outreach and Education 
Now that certification has been reached projects that have been undertaken as part of the certification process will be continued or expanded.  Each year, the Highwood will review its Environmental plan and continue to adjust its environmental programs. 
Every three years the Highwood Golf & Country Club will have to apply for re certification to ensure continued participation in the Audubon program.   The Highwood was due for re certification in 2013 but due to the flooding, Audubon granted us an extension to have our re certification done by spring in 2015.  Finishing the re certification paperwork has become a priority for us this winter and we are happy to announce as of early February we are able to say that we have been re certified as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.