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What is FootGolf you might ask?

FootGolf is a hybrid sport fusing the two sports of football (soccer) and golf. It is played on our existing Spitzee golf course with 9 footgolf holes spread within 6 holes of regular golf.

What is the proper attire for FootGolf?

Since you are playing within a golf course we ask you come dressed like any other golfer – Shorts or Pants and a collared shirt. Although if you like to get fancy and want to try something unique,  you are welcome to dress in the official attire of FootGolf players world wide – Argyle knee high socks, knee length shorts, collared shirt, argyle vest and a driver hat.

We just ask that you not wear any type of football/soccer cleats, as they damage the turf on the course making it harder to keep our course its excellent condition!

When can I play FootGolf?

You can play FootGolf any day after 3 pm This gives most golfers time to complete their rounds for the day.  You can book your tee time at Highwood Golf by calling our pro shop and letting one of our lovely staff help you book it.

How long does it take to play FootGolf?

Typically our FootGolf rounds can be played in 45 to 60  minutes about which is slightly shorter than 6 regular spitzee golf holes.

What do I need to play FootGolf?

All you need to play is yourself, a soccer ball and some motivation to have fun! No soccer ball? No worries you can rent one in our pro shop.

Is it expensive to play FootGolf?

Unlike a round of golf, a round of 18H FootGolf costs as little as $20+GST. A great and affordable activity for the whole family to play!

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