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Highwood Golf & Country Club 2022 Membership Raffle Rules:

  1. Highwood Golf Raffle tickets shall not be sold to a person less than 18 years of age
  2. All Purchasers of the Highwood Golf & Country Club 3 Year Membership raffle will be reminded that only those individuals who are 18 or older can have their names written as the ticket holder. The name of an individual written on the raffle ticket who is under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited.
  3. Raffle Ticket sales are prohibited to Highwood Golf & Country Club Management Employees.
  4. There will be 999 Series A tickets available for purchase at $50.00 each. There will also be 1200 Series B Tickets available at 3 for $125.00. There will be 2199 tickets in total. Tickets will be printed with a double-sided perforated ticket pull that records the purchaser’s information as well as serialized ticket number on each side. Our raffle managers will be storing the purchased ticket portions inside the Highwood Golf & Country Clubs safe that will be available only to the Raffle Managers. A minimum of 400 Series A tickets ($20,000) must be sold, a minimum of 160 Series B tickets ($20,000) or any combination there of, for the raffle to take place. If the minimum number of tickets is not sold Highwood Golf & Country Club will request an extension from the AGLC.
  5. The Draw will be held at the Highwood Golf & Country Club. The physical address of the draw is: 400 7 street NW, High River AB, T1V 1M6 – The draw will be held at this address on Saturday October 30th, 2021, commencing at 7:30pm. Communication of the draw results will be done via email communication to all ticket purchasers as well as phone communication directly to the winners of the raffle prizes. Live draw will be recorded and posted on Highwood Golf Facebook page.
  6. The Draw will be conducted using a large raffle drum. As there are multiple prizes available each ticket will be included in each draw (as per AGLC rules). Each ticket may win more than once.
  7. Prizes will be drawn backwards starting at the lowest valued prize through to the last draw for the highest valued prize.
    • 1st Draw – 10th Prize One year Cart Lease Prize Value $ 749.00 Includes: One year Cart Lease Package (1 Seat) – 2022 Season Cash Alternative $ 449.00
    • 2nd Draw – 9th Prize $1000 Clubhouse Credit Prize Value $1000.00 Includes: $1000 Clubhouse Charge account Cash Alternative $ 600.00
    • 3rd Draw – 8th Prize One Year Couples Cart Lease Prize Value $1249.00 Includes: Annual Cart Lease for A Couple – 2022 Season Cash Alternative $ 749.00
    • 4th Draw – 7th Prize One Year Spitzee Couples Membership Prize Value $1498.00 Includes: Couples Spitzee Golf Membership – 2022 Season Cash Alternative $ 824.00
    • 5th Draw – 6th One Year Spitzee Family Membership Prize Value $1625.00 Includes: Family Spitzee Golf Membership – 2022 Season Cash Alternative $ 975.00
    • 6th Draw – 5th Prize Annual Wine Club Pass for Two Prize Value $2000.00 Includes: Annual Couples Wine Club Pass Cash Alternative $1200.00
    • 7th Draw – 4th Prize Three Year Single Spitzee Membership Prize Value $2397.00 Includes: Individual Spitzee Golf Membership for 3 Years Cash Alternative $1678.00 2022, 2023, and 2024 Seasons
    • 8th Draw – 3rd Prize One Year Unrestricted Couples Membership Prize Value $5398.00 Includes: Unrestricted Couples Golf Membership – 2022 Season Cash Alternative $3779.00 (Food and Beverage minimum applies)
    • 9th Draw – 2nd Prize One Year Family Membership Prize Value $5525.00 Includes: Unrestricted Couples Golf Membership – 2022 Season Cash Alternative $3868.00 Unrestricted Golf Membership – Up to 3 children/grandchildren under the age of 19 – 2022 Season (Food and Beverage minimum applies)
    • 10th Draw – 1st Prize Three Year Unrestricted Membership Prize Value $8397.00 Includes: Individual Unrestricted Golf Membership for 3 Years Cash Alternative $5878.00 2022, 2023, and 2024 Seasons (Food and Beverage minimum applies)
  8. All Prizes will be rewarded to the raffle winners. All prizes must be used within the specified dates and terms as illustrated.
  9. All prizes related to this raffle are services that Highwood Golf regularly offers. Highwood Golf has stated the terms of each prize and is not responsible for a shortened season due to weather or other acts of God that limit the available time or use of the property. Highwood Golf reserves the right to close the golf course at any time and extensions to the prize use will not be issued as a result.
  10. If the winner doesn’t claim their prize within three months, then after three months from the draw date the Highwood Golf and Country Club will submit in writing to the AGLC to donate the prize back to Highwood Golf and Country Club. The Highwood Golf and Country Club may choose to donate the prize to a local charitable group.
  11. If a request for a refund is made prior to the raffle date the request must be done in writing and submitted to the Highwood Golf administration department. Requests made inside the last week (7 days period) leading up to the draw date will not be accommodated.
  12. If there are two names on any of the winning tickets Highwood Golf will issue the prize to the first name written on the name line. This can be identified as the name that appears closest to the left-hand side of the line. Any names written below the name line that follow a previous name will not be eligible for prizes. Highwood Golf will not permit the sale of a ticket in which a name does not appear on the designated name line. Highwood Golf and Country Club and AGLC are not responsible for any disputes which may arise between the different individuals whose names appear on the ticket stub. Complaints or disputes may be directed to Lane Neilson, (403) 652-3644 Ext.224
Raffle Ineligibility Highwood Golf Administration staffs are not eligible to win raffle prizes. This includes the following Highwood Golf Positions: General Manager, Controller, Administration Manager, Head Golf Professional, Executive Chef, Events Coordinator, Food & Beverage Manager and Course Superintendent. These and members of their immediate family (a spouse, parent, son, daughter, brother, sister, or the spouse of any of these individuals) are not eligible to receive raffle prizes. Promotional Activities
  • Raffle will primarily be advertised to the members and frequent golfers/guests to Highwood Golf.
  • Means of advertising includes – Website, email distribution, on site signage, verbal messages and general mail to our members and shareholders.
  • Advertised at our member events and league nights.
  • Advertised to the community through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and local Radio.
Financial Controls Highwood Golf employs a full-time controller and administration staff. All sales will be conducted through the administration staff. This includes payments of cash, cheque, and credit card. All cash sales will be stored in the club safe until they can be deposited into the Raffle Account. In the case when sales are made on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, sales for three days will be deposited on Monday. Prize Values As per the Appendices Provided:
  • 2022 Membership Information
  • Wine Club – January to November, $80.00 per person. December, $120.00 per person